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The Importance of Themes

In order for people to want to read your blog it needs to be easy on the eye. Selecting the correct fonts, images and layout will make the difference between just having a blog and having a great blog that draws people in. With so many blogs out there, visitors first impressions have become more important than ever. Your theme should immediately catch your visitors attention and should be reflect the mood and content of the site.

There are a huge number of both free and premium themes available for WordPress. Themes can transform your WordPress site into almost anything you wish.  At the touch of a button you can turn your site into anything from a review website, to an online newspaper or even an online retail store. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform, it has become much more versatile.

Exclusive Themes

The following exclusive themes are all available for free for those who hold a Blog Hosters hosting account. Simply log into your account and visit the Downloads section to access any of these themes. If you need help installing any of them then i recommend that you download our WordPress tutorial videos package (also FREE from the Downloads section of your account).

These unique themes  can be downloaded for free from the downloads page within your account.

Premium Themes

We are only licensed to pre-install our premium themes on our customers site so please email us with the  name of the theme you wish to use and we will install it for you.

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