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Blog Enhancements

Boost the visibility and efficiency of your blog with our Blog Enhancement packages. Tweaking your blog to be as search engine friendly as possible is vital if you wish for it to grow to its full potential.

Our enhancement packages can;

  • Streamline your blog making it faster and easier for the search engines to find you
  • Enable your blog to proactively and automatically notify the search engines of new posts and pages
  • Allow you to see your visitor’s movements on the site. See what they like, how they are finding you and what they are clicking on
  • Seperate your blog from others on the server
  • Install your own logo or custom header

By selecting one or all of our add-on packages you will give your blog every chance of drawing in as many readers as possible.

SEO Essentials Package : Supercharge your Blog for the Search Engines

$49 once off



  • Webmaster Tools installation and configuration
  • Search engine compatible URL modifications
  • A system to proactively notify the search engines of new posts / changes
  • We install a range of handpicked SEO plugins for WordPress
  • Submission of your site to all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo Bing and many others.

Analytics Package : Find out about your site visitors

$19 once off


Before you can grow your blog or site it is essential that you know your audience. Google Analytics is by far the most effective way to measure your blog’s performance and will allow you to better tune your site and attract more visitors. There’s no point in running a blog if you can’t see who’s reading it. This is an invaluable blogging tool.

  • Your own Analytics account
  • Analytics code installed and configured on your site

Logo Installation: Have us install your pre designed logo or header for you

$29 once off


  • Having your own logo on the header of your site will greatly add to it’s appeal with visitors. A more personal touch can be achieved with a smart logo. This price includes installation of your existing logo only, any additional design work will cost a little more.

Dedicated IP Address: Essential if you wish to accept payments via your site

$3.95 /month


  • Placing your blog on a dedicated IP address will keep it separate from others on the server. It may even lead to improved search engine rankings and is an essential extra if you wish to use private SSL and accept payments on your blog.

A Bloghosters hosting account is required for these packages. Once you have a hosting account with Blog Hosters then simply log into your account and from the “Order” page click “Product Addons” to order.

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