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Using WordPress for your Business

For years having a high quality business website has been an expensive and often tiresome experience. Unless you are willing to fork out for a pricey custom designed CMS (Content Management System) to add to your already expensive designer built site, you will most likely end up having to pay every time you wish to change some text, replace and image or just about anything for that matter.

Of course for businesses that can afford to pay $1500 to $10000 for a custom website or that require some very unique functionality then the full blown traditional website will often be the way to go, but for everyone else there is now a much more cost effective and user friendly option.

So what’s the answer? Well, WordPress is the answer.

WordPress was originally a free and open source Blogging system that has rulled the blogging market for many years. It’s ease of use, modular design and SEO (search Engine Optimisation) capabilities made it a huge hit with bloggers of all levels. Today WordPress has become much more than just a simple blogging platform, it has become a fully fledged CMS that can run business sites just as efficiently as it can blogs. In fact, this entire site is run on WordPress.

The benefits of using WordPress as for a business site are quite simply, HUGE. Not only will a WordPress business site allow you to make all of your own site modifications without the need to pay for a designer but it also has huge advantages with SEO and support. Here’s a few reasons why we love WordPress Business websites so much.

Manage your own Content

Extremely easy to mange your own content using a WordPress Business Website. Simply log into the CMS with your own password and change all or any text you like. You can add pictures, video and anything y0u wish at the click of a button. Never pay for a designer again!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the process of tweaking your website or blog to better interact with the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A site that is tailored in such a way will rank higher and attract more visitors than a site that is poorly designed. It’s a well known fact that Google LOVES WordPress and with just a bit of tweaking your WordPress Business Site or blog will be attracting visitors very quickly. Blog Hosters actually offer a number of SEO plugin and tweaking services aimed to boost our customers site’s visibility in the search engines.


WordPress uses a fantastic system where you can “bolt-on” additional features and functionality at the click of a button. These bolt-ons are called Plugins. With an enormous number of developers building free and paid plugins for WordPress just about any feature you wish to add to your site can be added very easily without requiring an expensive developer.


Another unique feature of WordPress is the ability to very easily and cheaply have a new look applied to it. The use of “Themes” is what allows you to make the standard WordPress template into a powerful and attractive business grade website. The cost of a theme is also much lower than that of a custom designed site with theme prices rarely exceeding $100.


Due to it’s massive popularity support for WordPress can be found everywhere. While you can usually find information online if you do get stuck there are also a huge number of developers that are able to fix any issues should you really get into trouble so help is never far away.

Blog Hosters are an Australian group aimed at assisting anyone interested in starting their own WordPress business or blog site. They are cost effective, easy to manage and extremely powerful. Anyone wanting more information on how they can have a site and / or blog just like this one should send us an email. In this day and age business websites need not be complicated or expensive.

Contact us if you would like to see what we can do for you or your business

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