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How to start a blog, Free vs Paid hosting

So you’ve decided to start a blog, Terrific! There are number of reasons as to why people start their own blog. Some write to express their opinions and thoughts while many blog to market or promote something. Others wish to establish themselves as an expert in a particular field and some just to make money. Whatever the reason may be, there are a number of decisions you need to make before you begin.

The very first thing you must decide (after what you want to blog about of course) is which bloging platform you wish to use. Without a doubt the most popular platform available today is WordPress. WordPress is a 100% free open source bloging platform that is supported by one of the largest user communities on the internet. One of the reasons this platform is so popular is the fact that it allows complete novices to set-up, build and customise entire blogs (or professional websites for that matter) with the click of a few buttons. Before we continue it is important that i explain exactly as to what makes WordPress so powerful for beginner bloggers.

In order to make your blog an expression of yourself or your business it needs to be customised and tailored to offer all the features that you need it to. In the past this has meant hiring expensive graphic designers and code writers to customise your site, with WordPress however this is no longer the case. WordPress offers two fantastic features that allow you to alter the appearance and functionality of your site. With the use of freely available ‘Themes’ you may instantly and effortlessly transform your WordPress blog into a work of art. Themes can be downloaded for free from many places across the internet or if you are after a particular look, can even be purchased for a fraction of the price of a custom design. Here at bloghosters.com.au we offer a selection of 100% original and free themes that our members can download and install, or if you like we will even do it for you.

After making your site look fantastic using a theme, you may decide that you wish to add some additional functionality by using one of the thousands of free word press ‘plugins’. Plugins are small pieces of software that can perform any number of functions. Insert a photo gallery, a clever menu, manage advertising space or even transform your blog into a fully blown on-line store! The possibilities really are endless.

The different types of WordPress Installation

When it comes to setting up WordPress there are two variations available, the first is the free but highly restricted version you can get by signing up at www.wordpress.org. The second is the incredibly flexible and popular self hosted option that is available through WordPress hosts. While the free option may initially appear the best way to go, there are quite a few drawbacks that make it unsuitable for many bloggers so it’s terribly important that you make the correct decisions before you start a blog. The following are some of the pros and con’s of each;

WordPress.com’s Free Version

  • It’s free
  • You can only install free themes that have been uploaded to wordpress.org. These free themes are only a tiny fraction of what is available out there
  • No Plugins are allowed
  • Not allowed to sell advertising space
  • You cannot move your site at a later date once you outgrow your free account.

Self-Hosted WordPress.org Installation

  • Use any plugin that you wish
  • Use any compatible theme that you wish
  • free updates
  • You get to choose your own www domain name (about $1 a month registration fee)
  • Sell as many ads as you wish and profit from your blogging.
  • 100% complete control of your site
  • There is a small monthly fee (about the same as a carton of milk) to securely host your site.

The advantages of the self hosted WordPress soon become clear when you begin blogging and learning more about the way WordPress works.

Here at Blog Hosters we have some fantastic low cost packages that are designed to assist new bloggers with everything they need to get started. Here’s what you get;

  • Free installation of the WordPress system
  • Free unique themes that are only available to our members
  • High quality, fast and efficient servers
  • Free instructional video course to help you learn your way around your WordPress site
  • Optional add-on services to help boost your website performance

So for those looking for a great priced and complete introductory guide to help you start your blog, join up with one of our blog hosting packages or contact us so that we may answer any questions you may have.4

Stay tuned for more helpful blogging tips.

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