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What is WordPress

What is WordPress?

In the days since the first Weblogs hit the internet WordPress has been the very obvious leader in Blogging systems. It’s easy to use yet extremely powerful design means that anyone can use it to manage their own site.

Over the years it has developed into a very powerful tool and what was once a simple blogging platform can now be molded into anything from an online store to a news website or even a games arcade, just about anything you can imagine can be achieved with the use of a few specially designed  Themes and Plugins.


The WordPress system allows the use of specially designed “Themes” that will completely transform the look and feel of your site. We offer our customers a great range of 100% free WordPress themes that can be easily installed to your blog.


WordPress allows for functionality to be added to it via the use of small add-ons called Plugins. By installing different plugins into wordpress you can easily create calendars, image gallery’s, sliding effects and just about anything you can think of without knowing any code.

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